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Honoring Our Ancestors, Healing Our Self

  • Botanica Galactica 719 S 5th St Milwaukee United States (map)

In many indigenous cultures it is believed that we carry with us the ancestral imprint of 7 generations before us and are responsible for what we pass along to the 7 generations after us. Join us in ceremony as we gather to honor our ancestors, their wisdom and bless our current path. With the highest good of our ancestors and self in mind we will work within sacred space to heal and release karmic patterns that may be calling for our attention at this time. We will send blessings and love to our ancestral lineage so that we may proceed in this lifetime with love for ourselves and our future generations.

The cost of this workshop is $25. If you feel called to this workshop and would like one of our scholarship spaces, please send an email to or to

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